When Youth runs Wild, It's a...


A chance encounter has devastating consequences.
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Classic Quotes

'On your back or on your way.'

'It's something I've got to do... or I'll never be able to live with myself.'

'Stoner's gone too far this time.'

'Get me a beer, like a good little bitch.'   

'Get it yourself.'

'At least you can say you tried your best.'

'That guy's got an attitude problem.'

'Peddle me ears baby!'

'Do you want me to repeat it dickhead?'

'You were in the car with me. We're all in this together.'

'Where's your pussy friend?'

'Just be there, arsehole.'


Written and Directed by Tony Sidebottom



"An 80's gem we didn't know we had. A real treat."

Indie Film Blog

“Given that the director was the oldest of all cast and crew at 20, it's quite a feat.”

Short Films Log

“Hilarious but so earnest you can't help but be swept up in the fun. A mini classic.”

Rare Film Post


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